Everyone else has one. Now I have one too...

all the best, Mike



Got a wonderful email from a bloke from france. He'd seen us in Lyon (he said he thoguht us and the Seeds were the best concert ever...says he, ok?)

Now, he says he read about how i lost evrything in athens (and my underpants, ok? and the gorgeous sweater hannah's cousin, Bethan, gave me for Xmas, whcih broke han's mum's` heart) and he said a few things about helping out, whcih is what he said. i found that touching. but then he got to the point; he said what he liked about eh doaries (and he gave me sh*it for switching to blogs intead...whatever, fella!) was that 'i was free' and stuff. or something like that. adn now (according to this nice feller) im timid and ive lost my edge. so im no longer free. dang.

but he's still a nice guy and he told me all the music he likes and how he and his ex are still running a bookstore together and he actually encouraged me to write this so i'm writing it. not for anything other than the fact that i found this guy worth writing about cause i offered to let him write about himself but he immediately knew that wouldnt work and reminded me that i need to write it and then he would donate something for Julian (Tina, keep an eye out for France).

and there you have it. and so ive written it. and then i guess ive ruined it because what ive written makes our hero look kinda funny. but i dont know if he'll read this. maybe its what he wants. i have a few french freinds but they havent emailed me in quite a while, whcih makes me wonder if they'll read this? i dunno. i get some really wonderful people in my life. and then i get soem other kinda people. like this guy, who i think is nice but still, YOU, be the judge (he's gonna send me an email, no doubt, but i think i am justified. by teh way, feller, i am simply repeated your history...dont kill the messenger...)

ok (and please, i appreeciate everything and anything anyone does for my son and this cause...this blog is simply for those people who email me who actually tease me and make fun of my plight, if you can believe that. they send me emails they think will make me laugh, not knowing that my kid's mum is busy typing the solisitors requiem for me. i suppose it's a laugh. but hey, i like to laufgh and ive set myself up top laugh so seves me right)

but back to frenchy. i dunno, i give up. everyone who has been above human and given beyond their means, thank you and even if waht you've given is less than your means, still THANK YOU. i love you. france has a way to go but thats the way of teh world, innit.

roll on and Johnny are gonna work up some cool guitar stuffs....

(big sigh)

all the best, Mike



Sorry to not have written in a while. Much has taken up my attention and ive really only been back for 3 days now. First off, wanted to say the tour was right fun and the band got on real well the whole time and people were geniunely happy to see and meet Johnny Eckles and i think the feeling was mutual. There was one negative force that tried to make us somehow 'compete' and that force actually made 2 shows kinda crap but other than that the rest were great. it was me and johnny's intention to make the guitars layer in a way that he played more his bluesy style and i did my usual thing without really changing much. but too much happiness on a LOVE stage usually brings about an opposite reaction (maybe to keep things interesting?) but after the first few gigs, it was obvious that negativity was not going to be tolerated in the group anymore, especially foolish outburst and things of that nature. As a matter of fact, i think people can be confident that the shows they see with us will be as good as it gets. part of that is putting your foot down to be professional. i for one will never stand on stage again if anyone takes the supporters for granted and acts like an idiot. That, i believe, is not what LOVE is about and having Johnny back set the tone for a great, yet professional, performance night after night. I felt very blessed on that tour and the fans that were there just made me feel warm all over.

Fraser, Troels, Kose, Glenn, our driver Mic and all the rest of the gang did a swell job keeping it together, rolling on that hotel on wheels and not getting on each other's nerves. it was testiment of what people can accomplish with a little faith. Who would have guessed, just 4 years ago, that those 2 LOVE guys would be traveling with me, Daddyo, Rusty and Chapple (this tour, Dave Nolte), all over the world? A lot has changed but one of the best and special things that happened to us was knowing Gene Kraut (RIP) AND also having Glenn immediately onboard when we put the whole thing back together. Now that Glenn soley represents us he's done so much with so little. There really hasnt been a new record but we've tried our best to do as much as we can despite that. (folks, don't confuse a new RECORD with new MATERIAL) all in all, everyone has committed themselves to this and we all work together on this. no one man works for anyone else. i dont work for LOVE, i work with LOVE. there IS a difference.

As some of you may or may not know, my shoulder bag was nicked at our Athens Hotel on the 14th of April. With it all my underpants, socks, personal items and my entire pay fopr the tour. i was only 30 minutes from wiring the pay to my US bank. the timing of it all, eh? Ive traveled so much and i am generally the most careful person i know but i'd missed being the visctom pretty much my whole life. i guess it was my time. The guys in the band and crew (Nolte, Daddyo, Rusty, Troels, Kose & Fraser) gave what they could to help me pay rent and bills upon arriving home. for that i thank them and i also took it strictly as a loan, though they said it was mine to keep. the worst part though, was that the money, most of it, was for my Lad's summer schooling costs. I am sorting some work for myself ( although as i told Tina yesterday, i was refused a job on account of im in a touring band!) but Tina and John E. have started a fund. I didn't know about this till only a few days ago when Hannah told me (i rarely go on the mess. board) and i immediately said that i didnt feel comfortable accepting anyone's dosh. But then i thought it over and I told Tina that any funds that come in would go directly to Julian's bank. That would lighten my debt load and also save me from asking his Mum to pay for everthing till i got on my feet.

Anyone who feels they would liek to donate anything to this fund, regardless of the amount, know from me and the band and my family that i appreciate you all and one thing about doing the diaries and now the blogs, i see how people not only care about us but you all care about each other. You meet up for pints and dinner and drive ages to see the performances. i try when i can to come out and hang with you (when im not nackered) and it's still worth it even when you try to say hello to a friend and then get stopped by an extremely innebriated Englishman (how come this dont happen in Yankland?) with Carling & fish and chippy breath who has to tell you that he saw LOVE in '72 but he tells you the story 9 times. you don't want to be rude but he's past the point of completeing any sentences. thats when i usually tap him on his left shoulder and runs when he turns round! yes, even i must be sneaky! but these are what makes playing in a musical group fun. i sacrafice to do this gig. if it ended i'd be fine with it, as i more than appreciate what i've accomplished. but what's tough is findinf some work in teh interim (which normally wasnt an issue, as i save my dosh from tours and i dont spend money friviously) when your broke AND you have a lat ejune and early july commitment coming up and must tell prospective employers this info. You land on your bum on the sidewalk each time.

But despite my own personal things (i wont call them problems. problems are when you are in pain, and im not), i feel i will prevail because i am happy and i love people and i have a wonderful boy who turns 6 in just 5 weeks. He loves the world and has a million questions. He and i played footie in the living room yesterday morning and he showed me some foot tricks he learned from a classmate and he also has learned how to count money (or IS learning) and it was a whole new world for him. He's always loved maths but now, with pennies and nickels and dimes and quarters and dollars he's on to something. And he also expressed to me that he wasnt to buy an apartment. he even described what he wants in it and what colour he wants to paint it how big the tv would be. and i got to thinking; those desperados in Athens got some dosh and a bunch of other stuff. and yes, it was a real pain for me - STILL IS. But, at the end of the day, they don't get what's important to me. The fact that not only do i have a great kid and family, wonderful friends (band/non-band/LOVE fans), I also have been blessed with the sweetest most wonderful woman any guy could ever wish for. her positive and honest nature helped me through all this and everything else for that matter. We do that for each other and we also try to reach out to other people when they need something as well.

I feel everything comes full circle, as life is cyclical, innit? Rusty saw me writing a check one day and asked what it was for. i told him every year i write a check to the Fire and police Dept. relief fund. it's for the families of officers and firfighters killed on duty. ive done that now for 5 or 6 years. I dont tell anyone (until now!) because its just something i do and it doesnt need applauding. im sure each of YOU do something similiar to help those in need. Rusty didnt even know tere was a fund and was so moved by it he offered to write a check as well. i don't know the people who gets the money but i appreciate the work and dedication they do on my behalf. And so i try to help with what i can. And, at the end of the i really do believe we are here for each other, each other's keeper and each other's brother. Im sure that sounds unreal but i dont see it that way. i think just about every conflict could be solved if people immediately stopped trying to be 'right' or the 'winner.' You see it everywhere and its just the sad state of our humanity. we've come this far just to have our way. have 'our team win.' thats all thats import it seems, that no matter what, i have to WIN and you have to LOSE. everything is sold to us a 'battles' and 'wars.' and so, for the record, i personally reject that approach to humanity. i feel we are a community, have been for hundreds of thousands of years. i travel to many places and you get to small parts of europe and you find they hate americans. those are the places i try even harder to show i am their brother, instead of brandishing my own set of nationalist speech. when this greek guy (who obviously didnt like Bush and America in general) asked me if i was American (he knew but i think he got a 'rise' out of asking the question), i took my $2 black-market italian Calvin Klein shades off and said, "Actually, i'm a musician." The guy smiled and shook my hand. See, most people really love music more than they love fighting and hating. maybe the world's politicians ought take note.

all the best, Mike


well, this tour has been fun and great. the only crap part is when the band checked into our hotel last night, i took my eye off my shoulder bag for 5 seconds...with rusty and Troels on both sides of me, and my bag got knicked. just like that. no one saw anything and my entire tour earnings, gone, in a puff of smoke. plus the Orchre Label's dosh from the Barstool sales, plus 10 copies of Barstool, and all my tax information, my cd player, personal info and anything else you can think of including socks, shirts and underwear. i was furious and near tears. i felt so invaded. and not only had they taken the money, none of it was mine. all of it going to Julian's school and summer costs, a car i was buying from a good freind and credif cards and various bills. i was down. this was yesterday. And then I talked with Hannah on the phone. We talked a bit about how lucky we are and how fortunate i am that i have great freinds, a great family, a great kid. AND a great gal. and then the money didnt seem so important.

whoever knicked it, got some nice cash and they probably felt smart for being so sneakie and good and being a thief. i am sure they have their own karma to deal with and so i am not bothered to give them 3 seconds consideration. Anyone who had my UK mobile number, well, they got that phone so feel free to toss that out. I got great people in my life and so i aint gonna let that event tear me to the ground. a few years back and i might have needed to be hospitalized. but now i know what's important. and when i get home i'll just have to take it one steo at a time and deal with the damage. Some of the guys in the band kicked in a loan which should help me and Julian thru the next 2 months. that was so sweet of them. goes to show how much class they have and how they sacraficed for a friend. i took it as a loan, and it shall be paid back. and funny, but the people with the least, seem to dig the deepest and help. The people with the most, well, you know that story all too well. here's to everyone appreciating what's important on this rock that circles that hot ball of fire every year and a toast to the ones we love and who love us. because, at the end of the day, it isn't about money or fame or celebrity. it's about true friends, true love and real trust.

all the best, Mike


april ELEVEN

so last night's show was good...started rough but got better. the band has
been spot on...we just need to, um, remember the words and stuff and i think
we'll be ok! (LOL!)...but hey, for the record, i NEVER lose the plot. But
Nottingham is always fun and Tina and Lizzy and Aake were there and Tina game me this HUGE photo of (our York pal) COOPS licking my ear, which was and still is very disgusting. i dont want to go into details and i know i must have
mentiioned in a diary but Coops gets really drunk and then gets really weird.
just ask Tina or Old Man...if they remember that walk from the Evil Eye after
the LOVE gig at Fibber's last year. whoa.

after the show, another bus pulled up and it was Julliette Lewis and her band,
the Licks. I already knew 2 of the guys in the band, plus her merch guy, Joe,
used to do LOVE back in 2002. So me and Fraser and Joe and her driver were
having bECKS and then she comes off the bus and she remembered me from LA (they opened for us last year at the Sunset Jucntion) and we joked about how she sings in the Loo! Glenn came out and then me Glenn and Juliette chatted about touring and her music and about LOVE and she's just the sweetest most down to earth 'celeb' if you ask me. she's roughing it like one of the boys, nothing special for her. no hotels. just the bus. oh, she DID bring 4 suitcases!
bus, as she puts it, I'M A GIRL FER CRYIN OUTLOUD! nuff said...from
Edinburgh...Mike Randle signing off...

all the best,Mike


april NINE

well, we're on our day off in Leeds and what a fine show Leeds was...the shows have gotten better and better the more north we go! actually, the crowd last night (which was a half and half blend of young/old) was just amazing and it really does make a diff to the music how people respond. also, when a venue has character as well it brings out something nice about the music. it started snowing yesterday and frazer hit me with a snowball. he also slapped a sign on my back (unbeknownst to me) saying "mike loves c*ck" so i owe him one. oh, and he duct taped the curtains on my bunk so i had to struggle to get out. so i have to think of something really good, a really good trick to play on him.

a few nights ago we played W'Hampton and that was really fun...a good gig. The Primary 5 have been amazing and i jammed with them on their song, EASY CHAIR at that show. pick their record up if you can and a tee shirt, as they're quite cool. tomorrow is Nottingham and then its on to Scotland for 3 shows in a row. The we fly to Athens, which will be a great time. knowck on wood but this has been the easiest and best tour ever. i think Johnny has been a very big part of it. him and you-know-who are gettin on famously and everyone has been as sweet as pie. no problems, no personla problems i should, so far!

all the best, Mike


april FOUR

the tour has been real good and the people have been swell on this thing.
sheffield was spot on fun and it was cool hanging out a bit with tina, caryne,
gill, old man, scot keith and a bunch of others including old man's daughter,
young woman! bus has been rolling and dave nolte has done a great job filling
in for some mighty big shoes of mr chapples. we'll have chap back for next
tour (july)...tonight's show is in norwich if i didnt mention it. not long on
this computer. missin Hannah madly! cheers.

all the best,Mike


april ONE

finally got to a stupid computer. pope's on hi slast breath, jacko is dodging the wine bullet (barely) and Beckham scored a goal for england. played manchester last night to the best crowd in a long time. no offense but there's just no stopping the Mancs. Stone Roses were there, so im told. had beers and dinner earlier with Scot Keith and Hannah's older bro, Dan and a few other friends and then saw some of Primary 5's set, which is awesome each night. i just got their CD and track 6, EASY chair is superior! well, the other shows were cool but to me, S'Ham and Manc were tops. the Rocket show, to me, was beyond yuk but hey, seems like people dug it. there was no toilet backstage which is tacky enough, and the whole event was just a mess, with us going on 30 minutes late and then them cutting our set so the ectasy crowd could come in, dance, and throw up properly. double yuk. well, tonihgt we're in Newport Wales and ive been told 8 guys from the KEYS are coming so hide yer sheep!

all the best, Mike