Everyone else has one. Now I have one too...

all the best, Mike



MAY twenty-ninth

To the LOVE supporters and wonderful music lovers and sweet souls who helped my family out recently, i want to say a huge thank you to you. If you sent an encouraging email or (as some of you did) a letter or postcard, wow...THANK YOU. You friendship means the world and I just want to say, really, from the bottom of my heart, again, thank you. I'm sure it seems odd or inappropriate, this thing i am writing. I don't really anylize or think it through carefully, as I am very mucha free spirit, as is (i asssume) most LOVE fans. So, excuse me for being human, please.

I think most people that read what ive written since late March 2002 sense that they know me. alot of musicians would say, "you don't know me, nobody knows me." But its not really true with some people. some of what i portray IS true with me but much of it is for fun. it's entertainment. but most is on target and none of the diaries band things are off mark or made up. most people get that and know the difference. i HAVE recieved a few sad emails from people who were disappointed that i'd befallen hard times. See, if i'd been associated with drugs or an arrest or something provacative or exciting, then THAT would be something to think mike randle would be cool. but y'see, none of that happened. without getting into details ( a WISE thing to do) i was robbed of everything i had with me on the road before the last show of the tour.

to a few people this didn't work for them. id let them down. so i emailed them back and expressed to them that they should find someone else to place on some kind of pedestal. i was polite as can be, as i think hero worship is quite a touchy subject. but one person from Wales suggested that it would be cooler if i had a drug problem, as the public is sympathetic to 'rock and roll behavoir.' (sigh) ho hum. well, i could choke on vomit but God knows that's been done to death. i guess at the end of the day i can only be me and let the chips fall where they may and shoulder the insults like anyone else who gets insulted. no one knows why people act like that, do they? well, as long as we got music we're ok, right? see you all very soon...i can't wait! :-)

all the best, Mike


MAY fifteen

Got a super swell email from a friend (who's a big LOVE fan, knows how to play Clark & Hilldale the HARD WAY!) expressing concern about me getting robbed in Athens and wanting to help out and man, there are SO many unbelievably sweet people in this world and i think most must be fans of LOVE because everywhere we go, we just meet people that wind up friends for life. Hey, i met Hannah at a LOVE show! And even though she was a bit 'merry' (Scot Keith got her tanked on Vodka!), we hit it off famously and i certainly feel that it was fate and without LOVE it wouldnt have happened. So, everything DOES have it's place and purpose i guess.

Well, it's worth mentioning that, if we didnt have Troels or Kose, not only would we sound quite sh*t (remember the 2002 tour and everything before it?), but our amps would break and we wouldnt be able to do anything about it. We owe them Danes a lot and they love working with us and they really love all the fans. And they love footie as well so if you know when a game is on come by and tell them boys and you'll see you've made 2 new friends. Also, Hannah flies in next sunday so THAT'S something to be joyful about. As well as all the wonderful people that made donations on behalf of Julian, which helped me beyond words. thank you THANK YOU and bless each and every one of you.Well, am off to bed now. Had my boy a bunch this week and my battery's a bit run down. of course, i wouldnt have it any other way...

all the best, Mike


MAY one

so there i was working on a new song that id been working on for what seems like forever. Both the fridge AND the oven went out at the same time last week, which spells conspiracy if you ask me. Fridge repair guy is round monday between 9am and noon to see if it can be fixed. Otherwise, anybody wanna sell a fridge? Ok, back to the song. So im working on this thing and i like it but i dont have a last verse. but i aint so certain it needs it. but it might sound better with one. or i should atleast write one just in case, right? but i can't. The story wont go any further, which seems stupid to me cause i wrote it. Why cant i make it go further? it's quite a folky acoustic number which got me thinking, hey maybe it dont so much need a 3rd verse as it needs a hip-hop video.

I been watching some videos this last week and im kinda surpised at how bad some of the music is but how the videos are really cool. So i figure that my song might not go the distance with that crowd. BUT, if i put some fly hoochies in it, throw on some 'bling' and get my hair corn-rolled i just might make rent tomorrow. My younger brother, AJ, knows how to sample and program all the latest beats so maybe i'd just throw a good beat behind the song and hope the girls forget there's no last verse. its a gamble but hey, i ate at Norm's last week and if that aint a gamble i don't know what is.

I called my mum the other day and prayed she wouldnt answer the phone (she didnt) cause i didnt really feel up to talking on the phone (and talking to her is a full 45 minute committment, to which she tells me at the end that she 'doesnt have time to talk to me' and gets off the phone) but i knew i had to call her cause i got back in town and if you dont call your mum yer gonna get a foot up yer bum where i come from. oh, my LA friends are starting to make fun of all my Brit slang like saying stuff like 'can do', which drives LA people nuts. you know, "pardon me, could you take this over there for me?" "Can do." So it's that one and also the one that goes, "At the end of the day" or "he's lost the plot." I love that one. on that last tour, after a few of the shows i kept saying, "hey ________ ___, i think you're losing the plot up there" and he hadnt a clue what i meant!

Well julian forced me to take him to the beach today and for such a gorgeously beautiful day there's was absolutely no one out! Well, there were a few runners and wotnot but c'mon, it's Santa Monica and it had to be 22C! Jackie B. emailed me to say that Staines was also 22C and that i could now move to Staines, as it's just like Santa Monica now. After 3 hours at the beach we played footie and Julian is getting really good. Hannah and me wanted to get him an England footie jersey and shorts when we were on Oxford street but we couldnt find anything. We looked up and down Regents and a few other streets, finally settling down at CHEERS, where we split a Hamburger and washed em down with San Miguels. That was a while ago though and much has changed since then. Well before i go to sleep i want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has had such the heart of gold, regarding my plight and that unbelievable incident in Athens. Even if you sent me an email just to send encouragement, THANK YOU a million times. I cant even put into words how special LOVE fans are. Roll on May...

all the best, Mike