Mike Randle... Mike Randle... Where should we begin...

Born and reared in Los Angeles, Mike Randle has recorded albums as a solo artist ("My Music Loves You - even if I don’t" - 2000), as a member of the LA Alternative Pop quartet, Baby Lemonade (5 LPs), as a member of Love with Arthur Lee, as Arthur’s lead guitarist from 1993 - 2005 and as a touring member of the English Beat (2009).

Mike is also known for his work as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter, showcasing his skills in an intimate environment, playing mostly original songs but also tossing in terrific obscurities by the Kinks, Randy Newman, Replacements, Bee Gees... heck, even Madonna!

Currently, Mike plays in several bands in the Santa Monica area (where he lives) and continues to play with Love Revisited; a tribute to LOVE’s music featuring Baby Lemonade and original LOVE guitarist/ co-Founder, Johnny Echols, along with the occasional appearance by LOVE drummer (Da Capo/ Forever Changes), Michael Stuart-Ware. The band even performs "Forever Changes" from time to time, in its entirety with strings and horns!

Mike is currently working in a Santa Monica guitar shop, playing shows, writing songs, working on a book (drawn from his thousands of tour diary pages), riding his bike, shopping for LPs, seeing live music and raising two boys.

His music loves you, babe.