Mike Randle... Mike Randle... Where should we begin...

Growing up in Los Angeles, Mike's earliest memories included listening to his parents' eclectic record collection; filled mostly with folk, country, and singer/songwriter albums. Then, one day, someone put an inexplicable inclusion, AEROSMITH'S GET YOUR WINGS on the turntable. It promptly grasped young Mike by the throat, and dragged him, laughing and cheering down into the depraved bowels of rock & roll.

He began absorbing music like a sponge, eventually gravitating to the BEATLES and the BEACH BOYS. By his early teens, Randle had begun playing in rock bands and penning his first, fledgling songwriting efforts.

In 1984, he formed the new wave/synth-pop band CAMERAS IN PARIS, which lasted through 1985. Randle then went on to form the neo-mod band
with Garfield Wolfe, Charlie Glover, and Keith Chaney. It was a significant evolution both in terms of the music and because it brought him into contact with the cohort who would become his most significant musical partner, the inestimable Rusty Squeezebox.

After a few games of musical chairs (Chris Johnson eventually replaced Chaney on bass only to be replaced by Colin Wolfe and Rusty Squeezebox took over drum duties from Glover) the definitive lineup solidified. The band lasted into the latter part of the decade, but more importantly, Randle and Squeezebox developed a close-knit friendship and longstanding musical relationship.

After the demise of BAD PRESS, Randle left his native Los Angeles for the more serene scene in Santa Barbara in 1989 where he worked as a lab animal on the University of California at Santa Barbara campus. He tried to turn his back on a musical career (except for the toss-off cover band he played in --
-- each time they played they were introduced as ALL THE WAY FROM WISCONSIN...) but eventually the allure of serenity subsided and the tantalizing lure of his hometown sucked Mike back to Los Angeles in 1990.

He hooked up almost immediately with Squeezebox. The two formed BABY LEMONADE in November 1992 with David "Daddyo" Green and Henry Liu (who, following protocol was replaced by Dave Chapple in 1995). They started playing shows throughout L.A., one of which caught the attention of '60s folk-psycho legend ARTHUR LEE.

Lee fired his band and asked BABY LEMONADE to back him as the re-formed LOVE. They agreed and, before they even had time to wash the stars from their eyes, they were bopping around Europe like they'd been born there. They still worked as BABY LEMONADE, though, and found time to record the WONDERFUL EP on Sympathy for the Record Industry in 1993, followed y their debut full-length for that label, 68% PURE IMAGINATION in 1995.

Both received widespread acclaim, and combined with their LOVE activities everything was as solid as Johnson until Arthur Lee's "3rd strike" conviction in 1996 on a bogus charge that brought that "LOVE train" to a sudden stop.

Carrying on as BABY LEMONADE, 1998 saw the release of their second LP, EXPLORING MUSIC, which was released on Big Deal Records.

It was heady times. BABY LEMONADE helped to turn the L.A. underground pop scene into a buzzword by the end of the decade, along with their friends and associates in such bands as WONDERMINTS and THE NEGRO PROBLEM.

As 2000 approached, Randle and Squeezebox each decided to record solo albums to explore personal, sonic, and songwriting ground that didn't fall within the parameters of BABY LEMONADE. Randle's MY MUSIC LOVES YOU (Even If I Don't) was released simultaneously with Squeezebox's ISOTOPES on the independent label eggBERT Records in May 2000. A short UK tour in November was undertaken as well.

MY MUSIC LOVES YOU (EIID) was a dramatic departure from any of Randle's previous musical endeavors -- reaching out to envelop everything from bossa nova and kitschy lounge to Prince-style grooviness and the kind of atmospheric soft rock native only to Southern California.

Following the release of the solo albums, Randle and BABY LEMONADE reconvened to begin recording their next opus: THE HIGH LIFE SUITE. After BABY LEMONADE fullfilled their commitment to their record company, Randle enrolled at UCLA to study Film Scoring and was writing music for the as-ever, soon-to-be-released comedy FALLING DOWNSTAIRS, when he recieved a phone call from Arthur Lee, whose prison sentence had been overturned by a California court after 5 years behind bars.

At Arthur's urging, the guys decided to "Fall In LOVE Again" and picked up where they left off, and have been touring the world ever since, playing to packed venues everywhere they go; from North America to Europe, the UK and Australia.

Currently Mike is recording his follow up to MY MUSIC LOVES YOU (working title: BARSTOOL BLUES) for London-based OCHRE RECORDS, as well as helping with the writing, arranging and recording of new LOVE REVISITED material.